AI, data, Knowledge and intelligence

As many other terminologies before like cloud computing, muti-tenancy, SaaS, PaaS, IaaS and so on, the definition of AI also has started to blurr irreparably. We seem to want to use the term AI for anything and everything. It goes to prove the time-proven saying once again “if the mountain cannot go to Mohammad, Mohammad…More


To reverse engineer a mathematical concept …

There are two ways to look at this sequence of “possibility spaces”. From the perspective of the final outcome, i.e., the engineering field we choose at the end, in which case we identify variables, constants, classifications etc to form a model. Or from the perspective of choice made at each step. One choice of sequence is exam -> result -> rank -> choices of engineering fields -> the final choice, the other could be exam -> result -> reevaluate -> result -> rank -> choice of engineering fields -> final choice. Both resulting in the same outcome.More

We need to reverse-engineer mathematical concepts to use in AI

The mathematical equations, concepts etc are “a translation of an already formed internal representation” as opposed to “a in the process of forming internal representation”. This difference, while does not make a difference when we use the concept to achieve an outcome such as a motor, it makes a huge difference when we want to achieve intelligence or write a AI program. #ArtificialIntelligence #AIMore

How the internet has become the ruin of our society!

You don’t think our society is ruined? Think again! What is the focus of majority in our society? Money! It is not learning, but, learning to earn money. How many parents and their children have asked me if I take up “so and so.. engineering stream” can I get a job? My only confusion and…More

Going towards cognitive AI …

Cognition in my view need not have any esoteric definitions. The most basic version of cognition is to know that another remote entity exists and a collective can be formed. This automatically gives the entity a context of “I”, because only then does the concept of remote make sense, remote to itself. Based on the complexity of cognition added, the entity can start recognising whether the remote entity is operating within the same parameters as itself or different from itself and hence cognition starts taking on complex and more complex meanings.More

Freedom of speech is an oxymoron

It feels very strange to me when people talk about “freedom of speech”. I wonder if they realise that “freedom of speech” only refers to the freedom to express ones thoughts. Restricting or enabling the “freedom to express” does not give or take away the “freedom of thought”. In fact the freedom to express has…More

The ethical question of creating a true AI system

An area of major concern when creating a true AI or an AGI is the moral ethics. The question of ethics goes both ways. It can either be related to the AI systems having no moral ethics or humans beings being in a moral dilemma as to how to treat such systems? Questions raised belong…More

React, do not respond!

Yes, you read it correctly. No, I did not get that wrong. I know the popular advice is “respond, do not react”. God knows, how many times I have been told it. So, I cannot get it wrong. And trust me, I have honestly tried it too. For more than a decade now. Yet, after…More

Common sense and Organic-system based AI

The lack of common sense is one of many primary unsolved problems of AI that affect how AI behaves in real world. The trend currently is to push common sense into a different bucket called AGI or Artificial general intelligence and play down its role in AI systems. In my view, we cannot ignore the…More

The problem that never was!

“What is the problem you are solving?” A question each and every one has heard in the current world. A question every entrepreneur has been asked more than once, over and over again, by friends, colleagues, mentors, venture capitalists, investors and so on, the list goes. A question I have heard one too many times…More